I'm an amateur photographer that is still learning the craft. I'm currently enrolled at HVCC working forwards towards my Liberal Arts Degree.

Oakwood Cemetery isn’t just home for local and nationally known peoples, locally being Russell Sage and Emma Willard and nationally being Samual Wilson a.k.a. Uncle Sam himself, but home to ornate headstones that show how wealthy Troy, NY once was in the 19th century. 

Two pictures I just worked on today, but I took them back in January before the Northeast got dumped with snow. The larger of the two I’ve been inside. Built between 1888 and 1890 for a man named Gardner Earl by his parents. His ashes are in the chapel in a safe of some sorts at the back of the chapel near the entrance. The smaller Chapel is a private family chapel that I’ve never seen opened in all the times I’ve been in the cemetery.

I took this awhile back in the fall last year. It was apart of my photograph course and learned a bit of photoshop. I think it’s one of my best pictures so far

I want to take a minute to talk about this man, name’s Mike. He comes by the Gallery I intern at. He comes in from time to time and he talks with the staff. He always has a story to tell and i love listening to them. But what really makes him an interesting person is his artwork. He’s amazingly abstract with his work. They are amazingly beautiful and I feel blessed that I get the privilege of knowing Mike.

Crazy night

Wow tonight was a fun, crazy night. I was at Troy Night Out working at the Gallery that I intern at, helping prepare before the show started. The show consisted of music, poetry, and storytelling. After that the artists socialized with everyone. I took like 200 photos or so (I might be stretching it). I’m going to do some photo editing and get the photos uploaded tonight.

Some art at the gallery I intern at has some awesome art. Here’s a couple of examples

Donated blood today, makes this my 7th pint, 5 pints since I got my donor card. Sorry for crap quality image, took it one handed on my phone.
I know this is late, or really early but I took this with my new camera and did some work on it in Lightroom.
I was bored and I was smoking a Hookah Pen, I noticed the empty bottle and I blew some smoke into it.